LGBT History Month 2006
Claiming our history, celebrating our present and creating our future!
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Healthy Gay Scotland
“LGBT History Month is an opportunity to celebrate who we are, and what we have done. All to often the achievements and diverse nature of the LGBT community is passed over or ignored. LGBT History Month is our chance to right that wrong.”

Gay's The Word

As a bookseller, you can develop a real affection for a particular range of books and I have to say the Gay and Lesbian History department is one of my favourite sections in the whole shop. One reason I love it is because there is such a interesting range of titles; from homosexual desire in revolutionary Russia to the construction of sexuality in Japan to lesbian life in twentieth-century America. But I think another reason I really enjoy stocking and organising the queer History bookshelves is because, whenever I do, it never fails to strike me just how important and amazing it is that this selection of books exists at all. Those people who record history narrate the story of humanity, and just like the naturalist who chooses not to record homosexual behaviour in the animal kingdom, general historians have made crucial decisions about what is and what is not documented. Anti-gay prejudice has threatened no only to surprises us as a people, but also to erase and confine our role in history. Books on gay history reclaim our story from obscurity. They give the marginalised an ancestry and our community a family-tree of which we all can be proud.

Uli Lenart, Assistant Manager of Gay's The Word


Young lgb people from across Wigan have worked tirelessly to generate knowledge and understanding of the issues they face as young people over the past 7 years. They have delivered conferences on Hate Crime & Bullying as well as delivered sexuality awareness to agencies and organisations across the borough as well as designed posters and information leaflets for other young people and parents.

This February, young people will be part of Wigan's Hate Crime awareness Week ( 19th-23rd) delivering a performance of Romeo & Julian, Rosemary and Juliet. This take on Shakespeare's classic, is funny, emotional and clearly articulates the homophobia faced by many young people from parents, carers and peers.

To the Young lgbt people of Wigan, Lgbt history month gives them encouragement and faith in the knowledge that other people across the borough are aware of their presence and that schools, colleges and youth projects are learning about the issues they face. Young lgbt people's voices are becoming stronger as their confidence grows as individuals and members of their communities.
As a practitioner, lgbt history month is an opportunity to  celebrate difference  and challenge  the ignorance and discrimination faced by lgbt people across the UK. It is an opportunity for young people to understand the history of the struggle to be equal and their rights gained through positive action. It is also an opportunity for youth work projects and schools to explore homophobia as a global issue, one which still leads to death and imprisonment for many who identify as lgbt
B.You Project
Huddersfield Gay Group
Throughout history, ordinary gay men and lesbians contributed to the society in which they lived. A simple search on 'gay' 'lesbian' 'contribution' 'society' 'history' will return pages of interesting facts and surprising information. Celebrating GAY HISTORY MONTH reminds us all to pause, connect, and reflect with pride, on the extraordinary achievements these men and women have made.

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