LGBT History Month
Claiming our history, celebrating our present and creating our future!
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timeline of LGBT history
key events in LGBT history
personal histories of LGBT people
LGBT people
images from our history

Biographies of famous LGBT people


Il Sodoma
Sandro Botticelli
Michaelangelo Buonarotti
Lili Elbe

Nadia Almada
Wilfrid Brambell
Alan Ball
John Barrowman
Dirk Bogarde
Justin Bond
Hayley Cropper
Tony De Vit
Marlene Dietrich
Jade Esteban Estrada
John Gielgud
Larry Grayson

Derek Jarman
Ian McKellen
Johnny Mathis
Dusty Springfield
Darren Star
Tom Robinson
Will Young

Roberta Cowell
Christine Jorgenson
Fanny Ann Eddy
Mark Rees
Pete Smith

Stephen Whittle

Clive Barker
Quentin Crisp
Julia Darling
Carol Ann Duffy (external link)
Simone de Beauvoir
Audre Lorde
Christopher Marlowe
Jan Morris
Joe Orton
Roger Taber

Patrick Cowley
Ethel Smythe

The Emperor Hadrian
Georgina Beyer MP
Harvey Milk

Rabbi Lionel Blue

Lynn Conway
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
Alan Turing

Justin Fashanu

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