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Claiming our history, celebrating our present and creating our future!
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Resources for schools

All teachers know that learning can only take place when the atmosphere is right. In addition to lesson suggestions tailored for LGBT History Month we are offering materials, prepared by experienced teachers, to assist schools in:

  • ending the official invisibility of LGBT people in the school community and curriculum;
  • developing policies that are respectful of their rights;
  • tackling bullying, name-calling and abusive language.

Policy advice on bullying and homophobia is available here.

Pre-launch 2010 - 19 November 2009 - British Museum
Links to resources, documents produced for the pre-launch event for History Month 2010 that should help you with organising events.

LGBT History Month in Schools Toolkits
This toolkit for schools provides examples of what can be done and how it can be done for LGBT History Month. It also highlights the elements of legislation supporting the introduction of LGBT elements in the curriculum. Download the Toolkit (pdf - 301Kb). Norfolk Council has also produced toolkits with ideas for schools to mark LGBT History Month. One for Primary Schools (here - Word Doc - 102Kb) and one for Secondary Schools (here - Word Doc - 95Kb)

Transphobic Bullying in Schools Toolkit
The British Home Office has commissioned the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) to develop a toolkit for schools to use in combating transphobic bullying. The toolkit is available here.

How It Can Be Done.
Stoke Newington School has been celebrating LGBT History Month for several years now by integrating it to the curriculum. An account of the 2008 celebration of the month, together with pictures is available here. See also the related Powerpoint presentation at the bottom of this page.

Video Resources for Primary Education
Two videos available from Women's Educational Media. Both videos are American so specify European PAL format when ordering.
- It's Elementary. Teacher training video and resource pack
- That's a Family. PSHE video for KS1 and 2

Heads in the Sand...Backs Against the Wall
David Watkins, a teacher, shares with us his thoughts and hopes for challenging homophobia in education. Download the essay here (Word document). More suggestions from David Watkins here.

School Matters –Homophobia in Schools
This is a quietly considered programme, putting the arguments for both an inclusive curriculum and taking action against stereotyping, prejudice and negative discrimination. Our own Tony Fenwick works with 6th formers and puts the case for LGBT people and issues in the curriculum with the intelligence and aplomb we have come to expect. You can view this here.

Them and Us
A guide to anti-homophobia policies and practice in secondary schools. Download the PDF here

Stand Up For Us
An excellent booklet on how to tackle homophobia in schools prepared by Mark Jennet can be found here.

A powerpoint presentation dealing with current LGBT issues. Suitable for INSET sessions and stakeholders. Contains useful links.

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is an American organisation working to ensure safe schools for ALL students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. They provide a series of documents listed below:

Teachers Resources for LGBT history Month
Comprehensive booklist for schools
Documents about changing schools
Comprehensive school survey
Other resources (including lesson plans)

There is much more to this website we suggest you take a tour yourself

Gay Pioneers is the story of the first organized annual "homosexual" civil rights demonstrations held in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC from 1965-69. The film is directed by PBS award-winning documentary filmmaker Glenn Holsten and produced by PBS affiliate WHYY and Equality Forum. Gay Pioneers braids archival footage from these seminal demonstrations; FBI investigative files obtained under the Freedom of Information Act; gay pioneer interviews about the homophobia of that era, the protocol for the demonstrations and how those demonstrations impacted the movement.

GLSEN have produced a Teaching Guide to accompany the documentary. You can download it here.

Other links
East End Eye, Tower Hamlet’s pack on LGBT issues for educational organisations.
Anti-Bullying Network, A Scottish website with information on homophobic bullying.
Pushing Back at Bullying, New York Times article about an American project dealing with all kinds of bullying - 28 January 2007.

Lesbians and gay men are... (jpg poster)

Stoke Newington's School LGBT History Month Presentation 2008 (PowerPoint)
Sexuality and Gender (Powerpoint)
Definitions (Powerpoint)
Sexuality and Homophobia - training (Powerpoint)


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