LGBT History Month 2006
Claiming our history, celebrating our present and creating our future!
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Our pre-launch took place at TUC Congress House in London on November 20th. Below are some video highlights, a letter of support from Trevor Phillips, and a personal perspective from the event. For photos of the event click here.

Sue Sanders reads a letter from Trevor Phillips at the Launch of LGBT History Month 2007

Ian McKellen speaking at the Launch of the 2007 LGBT History Month, part 1

Ian McKellen speaking at the Launch of the 2007 LGBT History Month, part 2

Letter of Support from Trevor Phillips

"Beating discrimination in all its forms requires sustained commitment and enthusiasm. Thanks to the efforts of organisations like Schools OUT - and with help from the TUC - we are moving in the right direction, but inequality and discrimination still persists. Developing projects which become well known regular events enables issues such as the inequality faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to remain high on the political and social agendas and in the public eye. That's why I am very proud to support LGBT History Month which is now in its third year.

"This event, which is going from strength to strength, is not only about looking back and remembering the struggles that have gone before or celebrating what has already been achieved. LGBT History Month is also about setting the tone for the future and ensuring where discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people persists we are equipped to tackle it head on.

"I am sorry not to be with you today, but I send my best wishes for a successful and enjoyable LGBT History Month launch event". 

Read a personal perspective of the event by clicking here

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