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Get Bent Manchester 2007 – A Celebration of Queer Diversity!

Since the 5th June 2007, a group of activists, artists and community organisers from Manchester’s queer community has been meeting regularly to plan this year’s Get Bent festival. Download the flyer here.

Get Bent was created in 2005 as a positive and proactive response to the lack of non-commercial queer space in Manchester. Run by the Kaffequeeria collective, the festival featured live music, spoken word, performance art, film and discussion. Building on Kaffequeeria’s successes, this year a new collective has formed to create a bigger event.

Get Bent will serve as a safe space for all genders and sexualities to come together in celebration – creating a wide variety of programming by supporting diverse people to create diverse events. It is open to all ages, all incomes, all abilities, all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, to all people regardless of HIV status, to those who are comfortable in commercial gay spaces and those who aren’t.

Get Bent will take place at various locations in and around the Manchester area from Friday 24th August to Sunday 2nd September 2007.

David and ToMb()Y of the Queer Youth Network and OutRage!
are interviewed live on Manchester's Channel M News At 9.

“I think it’s unfortunate when people are unable to celebrate their community because of barriers like cost. That’s why creating alternatives is so important.”
Fergus, a member of the Get Bent Collective

“I want to celebrate the creativity of the queer community – to share in the art and ideas of its members”
Gemma, a member of the Get Bent Collective

“Over the years I have become increasingly disillusioned with the commercialisation of gay festivals. Marching in London for the repeal of section 28 made me feel proud; sitting passively in a bar getting drunk certainly doesn’t!”
Rachel, a member of the Get Bent Collective

“You’re not the only gay outside the village!”
The Get Bent Collective 2007

* Get Bent! is the queer community of Manchester's response to the commercialisation of Manchester's village and commercial pride: an inclusive alternative community pride summer festival where everyone is welcome and nobody is turned away empty handed!
*For further information about the Get Bent Manchester Collective ethos statement, how to get involved and general queeries, please contact us directly:




Erotixxx: Trans Pornography Retrospective Presentation

US Trans performer Buck Angel
US Trans performer Buck Angel

Saturday, 25th August, 8 - 10pm  

Manchester University Student Union, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR (tbc), 

*Donations on door much appreciated!

What do you think about the possibility of trans-sexuality, a specific sexuality for trans people and those who love them? These hard-core videos are shot from the perspective that trans bodies, in their transitioning and exceptional states of being, are desirous and moreover, delicious. Seen together, they claim a space for trans-loving and trans-sexing.

From the historical first pornographic look at the initiation of a neo-phallus (1989) to a transman on transwoman sex scene (2003), this footage is taboo breaking. Directly confronting the plethora of she-male porn that pretends to fully represent the erotic potential of trans bodies, these videos use different strategies to provide fresh and innovative erotic images of MTF and FTM trans bodies. They might change the way you see the spectrum of transsexual desire. The excerpts will be introduced and contextualized by Eliza Steinbock, a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA).

Excerpts from:

Dysfunctional (Mirah Soleil-Ross 1997) In: 4:30 Out: 7:18

The Look of Love
(Charles Lofton 1996) All of it 4:00

Linda/Les and Annie (Annie Sprinkle, Johnny Armstrong, Al Jaccoma 1989)

½ Frogs Fuck Fast (Hans Scheirl 1992-6)

Phineas Slipped (Oakie Treadwell 2002)

Trannyfags (Morty Diamond 2004)

Cubby Holes (Trannywood Pictures 2007)

JJ and Tennetty, Simon and Camden, Betsy Chainsaw and Cupid (Barbara DeGenevieve from 2003)

Madame Lauraine’s Transsexual Touch (Monica Forrester, Viviane Namaste, Mirah-Soleil Ross, 2001)

Allanah Starr’s Big Boob Adventures: Tawdry Tales of the Third Sex (Gia Darling 2006)


"Trans Youth" film shorts

Trans Youth Presentation - Jong!

curated by the 'Nederlands Transgender Film Festival'  (123min)

*When? Sunday, 26th August, 12 - 4pm  

*Where? The Manchester LGBTQI Centre, Sidney Street (off Oxford Road), Manchester.  

*Donations on door much appreciated!

Jong! (Youngster!) Wilfred Drechsler, Netherlands 2004 talk show and documentary, video, 25', in Dutch with English subtitles.

Originally made as a TV show by the evangelical broadcaster EO in the Netherlands. Jamie (14) and Danique (15) are young and active girls who have many friends at school. But then the youngsters tell us about their gender dysphoria and being born as boys. Both transgender girls go to school in their chosen gender identity now. Boys and girls at Jamie's school talk about their reactions after Jamie reveals to the school about her change of gender representation. Danique wants to be a singer but she worries about her low voice. A former contestant of the European Song contest teaches Danique singing techniques.

In this extraordinary episode of the show, the transgender girls discuss gender dysphoria in the context of their Christian upbringing without fear
or shame.

EO-presentator with Jamie and Danique

37-Grad: Mein Körper, mein Feind-Transsexuelle Jugendliche - Ein Junge namens Nina
(37 degrees Celsius: A Youth Named Nina) Kathrin Gugel, Ulf

Eberle, Germany 2004, documentary, video, 28', in German with English subtitles. This remarkable documentary contrasts the ways in which gender dysphoria in youth is treated in different societies by shooting a double portrait of two transgender kids, the Dutch Nina and the German Lyle. Nina, born as a boy, attends school as a girl these days. She is supported by school mates and her loving family. She also gets proper guidance from the gender clinic who takes her gender dysphoria seriously. The story of Lyle is far more bitter. Born as a girl in conservative Bavaria, Lyle wishes to be accepted as a boy at school. Sadly, neither the kids at school nor the school board have any intention of making Lyle's life easier. Moreover Lyle is getting no support from the doctors, who are willing to treat his gender dysphoria only when he reaches 18. Only Lyle's parents give him a sense of place in the world.
There is an interactive programme for youth after the screening.

Gewoon Liefde (Simply Love)
Eveline van Dijck, Netherlands 2006, documentary, 60’, video, in Dutch with English subtitles 41 years after the lovers Marcel and Marijke parted, a letter of request arrives from the Search Service of a city council looking for Marcel, who has now transitioned into a woman called Marcella.
The old love hasn’t forgotten about her Marcel. The fire is quickly rekindled and soon marriage is in the picture. From 1991 to 1993, Eveline van Dijck has made a documentary called Anders Bekeken on Marcella’s transition and its effects on her wife and sons. Gewoon Liefde (‘Simply Love’) is a surprise follow-up to that documentary.
The film courageously shows rare images of sixty-somethings falling in love in full glory.

Gemma Glitter
Daphne Schriek, Netherlands 2004, short film, video, 9', in Dutch with English subtitles.
In glamourous Gemma Glitter's Health Gala (modeled after the Dutch crown prince's wife, princess Maxima), the dry-humored Dr. Andrea Amore explains to the kids what gender roles mean, and why there are boys who want to be girls and vice versa. The cute Marijn (15) explains what gender dysphoria means to him (and why he has no problem with it at all!).


“Superhero/Geek/Antihero Night!”

*When? Tuesday, 28th August, Doors open 7pm until late!  

Fab Cafe, 111 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 6DN.  

*Entry/Donations on sliding scale TBC.  

*Come along dressed as your favourite superhero, geek, anti-hero or queek (queer geek!), to meet 'others' for a fun packed evening of fantastical sci-fi adventures, themed quizzes, games, raffles, prizes, late bar and so much more, in this legendary Manchester venue!

*Please note: This venue is only accessible down a flight a stairs, please contact us directly beforehand if you require any assistance.

Further details about our Comedy Night, Open Mic Performance Night, Queer Film Nights, Queer Critical Mass Bike Ride, Live Bands/DJ's Night, Queer Visual Arts Exhibition, Cabaret/Performance Art Night, Workshops and Skillshares Programme to follow shortly!


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